Women In Progress strengthens the industry and society by improving the visibility, development and utilization of women’s skills in leadership and on company Boards of Directors.

Women In Progress is an ideal partner for women in their careers and for companies who want to work for greater gender equality. We offer professional development – customized and tailored to the individual’s or organization’s needs.

Women In Progress would like all women to want and dare to take command of their careers and utilize their leadership skills. That is why we offer support, training and development for each step in a woman´s career.

Women In Progress offers the following services:

  • Development Program for Board Work: Courses at a basic and advanced level covering the duties, responsibilities and functions of company boards, building your network as well as marketing of women´s competence are offered in order to get more women on boards.
  • Coaching Mentoring: Individual Programs in the areas of career coaching, executive coaching and business coaching. Women In Progress works with certified professional coaching mentors who have experience from different industries and areas of work.
  • Learning Networks: Training based on learning and exchange of experiences on issues such as management, board work and career opportunities.